Faces of the “new” development: work in civil construction in Suape (PE / Brazil)

  • Victor de Oliveira Rodrigues
Keywords: Developmentalism; Job; Workers; Precarious; Brazil; Suape


This paper aims to discuss theoretical frame of “new developmentalism”,
its political and socioeconomic implications, as well as its
conceptual problems and ambiguities. On the other hand, it brings
an empirical research, by examining the recent process of industrialization
ocurred in Suape’s region (Pernambuco state, Brazil), particularly
construction industry’s situation. Among its conclusions, it
seems there were initially a massive increase in job creation, but not
to the point to overcome work’s precariousness, a structural feature
of Brazilian’s labor market. As pointed out by civil industry workers
claims, outsourcing remains strong, as much as unworthy labor conditions.