The route of Salvadoran Sociology, strength for the interpretation of the crisis and virtual society.

  • Pablo Castro Hernández
Keywords: El Salvador, Lawyers, research, legacy, crisis-war, peace, challenges, network society.


European sociology reached Salvadoran society in 1880. In its academic
evolution it has gone through the following phases: 1-’Sociology of lawyers’
- between 1906 and the late’ 50s -, which left a legacy of research on
society agro-exporter of coffee. 2- ‘The professional training Sociology’
- in the second half of the 20th century - in the context of the agro-industrial
society. Stage in which university students faced in a ‘contestatory
and militant way’ the military dictatorship that led to the conjuncture of
wars, which barely disappeared in the eighties. 3- The renewed Sociology
’that faces other challenges in the scenarios of financial capital neoliberalism
and the fourth techno-digital revolution of the red Network, digital
and virtual society’ of the 21st century.