violences and conflitualities: theoretical elements and current realities in Brazil.

  • José Vicente Tavares dos Santos
Keywords: Violence, conflicts. Security and Society, Brazil.


Violence is the founder of a hierarchical, unequal and divided society,
which affects some social groups more than others: the practices of violence
will be inserted into a network of domination of various types: class,
gender, ethnicity, by social category or by the forms of symbolic violence,
which result in the manufacture of a network of possibly overlapping exclusions.
We intend to investigate the social and intellectual manufacture
of violence as a social norm in late modernity. This sociological path
led us to the construction of the intellectual field “Violence, security and
society”. We develop the analysis of some discourses and practices that
constitute this intellectual field. To this end, we describe the modalities
of violence and its manifestations: violence against children and adolescents;
the criminalisation of the drug user; the territoriality and the owners
of the place; the possible militarisation of security; also the proposal
of the massacre as a sociological object. In sum, it would be possible to
think about the construction of a transnational or world citizenship, marked
by institutional creation and the dissemination and communication
of innovative social, legal and symbolic practices. On the one hand, the
reinvention of forms of solidarity; on the other hand, the redefinition of
work in multiple social relationships, both in rural and urban areas; finally,
the prevention and eradication of forms of social violence.