"It is not crisis, it is poverty." Experiences of social decline of the Venezuelan middle class.

  • Marisela Hernández
Keywords: Middle Class; Venezuelan Middle Class; Revolución Bolivariana.


Starting from experiential and psycho social concerns about the
current life of the Middle Class in Venezuela, we present the
referents, method and results from a study aimed to understand
some of the meanings that are building the Daily Life of people
who define themselves as belonging to “traditional” Middle Class.
This study is oriented by an Hermeneutical perspective and the
results suggest that the life of these persons is being weaved
around some nuclear meanings such as: Values as defining
Identity, dark feelings or suffering, aesthetics of displeasure,
the (un) certainty of living a crisis, and finally, the strategies to
deal with it: actions and movements. Some questions about the
political tonality of such actions arise out of these results.