Resist producing. The proactive struggles of family farmer organizations in the Figueroa department (Santiago del Estero).

  • Cristian Emanuel Jara
Keywords: Proactive struggles; public policies; organizations of family farmers; land conflicts.


In the face of the defensive disputes of the familiar farmers to stop
eviction and the cutting down of native woods, other forms of territorial
disputes termed as proactive emerge, which include a plurality of
productive strategies to consolidate the rights over the land. One of the
main questions that arises is: What role do public policies play in this
process? Our analysis will be focused on Department Figueroa (Santiago
del Estero) which is characterized by a strong presence of farmers
without defined boundaries. This turns into a potential and current focus
of conflict due to the advance of the farming border and the expansion of
the irrigation zone. We claim that in a context where there are no public
policies destined to an integral territorial land use planning that provides
a definite solution to the problem of the land, agricultural producers try
to improve their production and their legal status through the search
for interstices in what is already established. Our research take two
cases of proactive struggles: a community livestock area ( in the north of
Figueroa) and a cooperative in the south of the district that promotes the
diversification of their resistance strategies.