Contemporary trends in distance higher education in the world and Brazil.

  • Everton Garcia da Costa
Keywords: Education at Distance; Higher education; Contemporary trends; Globalization.


In recent years, the distance education (EAD) appears as teaching
mode with higher growth in the international higher education scene.
Worldwide, the number of courses and enrolment in distance higher
education - both undergraduate and postgraduate level in - has grown
exponentially. The statistics related with the expansion of the EAD
are impressive. In them countries emerging, as China e India, for
example, that have invested much in the overcrowding of their systems
of education upper, there is megauniversidades to distance coming to
have more than three million of students enrolled. In Brazil, the EAD
growth began to occur in the last decade, also massively. Between 2003
and 2013, tuition and courses of undergraduate distance in the country
increased by 2,200% and 2,300%, respectively. Front growth presented
by the distance, our purpose, learning is to analyze some Brazilian and
international trends in EAD.