New lines of research from Sociology: Security and defense, armed forces and military in the uncertainty scenarios.

  • Jesús Ignacio Martínez Paricio
Keywords: Sociology military; armed forces; scenarios of uncertainty; research


The end of the cold war demanded the armed forces to write
a new doctrine with which to face the demands of asymmetric
insecurity. He had to adapt the structure of the Organization to
staff and budget reductions. The military has had to consider
the meaning of their profession in a society that sees out the
probability of a conventional war. The institution vs. occupation
argument and its subsequent adaptation lost explanatory
understanding. The proposal of police force is approaching the
sociological reality of the new armed forces. We must take a step
more because the profession is changing hastily. Civil-military
relations, the civilinizacion of the military the recruitment and
military inbreeding, the political power of the armed forces in
society are no longer objects of research of military sociology.
In Spain the global change coincided with the military problem
solution. The armed forces are no longer the factual power of the
first years of the political transition. The convergence of the two
forces of change means for Sociology military, who has lost his
media prominence, focus the research interest in the internal
problems of the structure of the military organization and the
meaning of the military profession.