Balance and challenges of sociological studies about social inequalities (1990-2016).

  • Victoria D’Amico
Keywords: Inequality;Latin America; social justice; poverty; well-being


Inequality not only spreads all over the world but it also has
a heterogeneous impact on different regions. Latin America
is the most unequal region in the planet in relation to income
distribution due to historical injustices that still have effects in the
well-being of their inhabitants, in relation to socio-economical,
socio-political and socio-environmental issues. Even though
progressive governments -which predominate in our region
since the beginning of the XXI century- have changed the ways
of intervention of the state and have rebuilt social structures by
reducing the quantity of poor and extremely poor people and by
widening the middle classes, inequality persists as a profound
obstacle to finally reach social justice. Thus, sociological research
on inequalities is still a central matter in societies which tend to
increase the production and accumulation of goods as the same
time that de gap between those who can appropriate them and
those who are excluded from them gets deeper.