25 years in the Sociology of old age

  • Lourdes Pérez Ortiz
Keywords: Sociology of Aging; Aging; Old age


The article reviews the evolution of sociology of aging in the last
25 years and offers some possibilities for future development.
First the importance of aging and old age, highlighting the global
nature of the phenomenon and some recent changes. The status
of sociological theories on aging and research published in recent
years is reviewed. In both cases the picture is a wide range of
topics and approaches. Despite this diversity in the theoretical
field the increasing prevalence of life-course approach is stressed.
The text also highlights some issues that have been insufficiently
addressed by researchers. The rise and consolidation of new
sources of information also provides important opportunities to
work in sociology of aging. In this regard include the longitudinal
sources and successive series of surveys conducted in several
countries with common methodology. However, the chances are
much lower in non-Western countries where the root note is the
lack of information. Finally the lack of educational programs in
sociology of aging and other future risks are discussed.