Sociological studies on indigenous peoples 1990-2015

  • Eduardo Andrés Sandoval Forero
Keywords: Indigenous sociology; indigenous people; decoloniality; autonomy; good living; obeying.


This text presents some reflections on sociological studies on
indigenous peoples in Latin America in the period 1990-2015.
Three questions are the guiding guides for this work: Which
are the issues that sociology has been dabbling on indigenous
people? What programs are there on indigenous peoples and
what training axes are in the normal academic? What are the
sociological theoretical contributions that have occurred in Latin
America from the study of indigenous peoples? The analysis is
performed on a corpus selected from 60 articles published in six
Latin American sociology journals and 186 papers presented in
the Working Groups which are made on the subject in Congress
and are reported in books and reports by the Latin American
Sociological Association (ALAS) and the Latin American
Association of Rural Sociology (ALASRU). It is concluded
that studies on the indigenous are bifurcated in a positivist
institutional sociology, in other critical westernized sociology,
and another one we call a critical decolonial sociology.