Sociology of Youth. A review.

  • Juan Antonio Taguenca Belmonte
Keywords: Sociology; youth; institutionalization; theory; Latin America and Europe


The article aims to present the origin and evolution of
sociology of youth, emphasizing the most important theoretical
background and the current approaches. It also raises aim
to show the evolution of themes, actors, methodologies and
institutionalization of the field, mainly in Latin America and
Europe. The main conclusion reached is that there has been
substantial progress in the development of sociology of youth,
although have been accompanied, in the Latin American case, of
little continuity, institutionalization and systematization, which
they have not allowed the establishment of a solid scientific
community. In Europe, where there is a tradition of research
more long, sociology of youth it has become solid, around groups
well-defined and financed by different institutions, experienced
researchers and research programs, which has enabled the
development of different research lines, but still somewhat
fragmented and incompleteness by the very abundance of topics
covered. At the methodological studies, surveys are the most
abundant, although treatments with qualitative techniques
- observation, focus groups, interviews and narratives - have
begun to be used to a greater extent. We are facing an emerging
field with great potential for development.