The sociology of development in Latin America: a permanent tension betweendemocracy and economic growth.

  • Juan Jesús Morales Martín
Keywords: Sociology of development; Latin America; democracy; economic growth; Latin American sociology.


The problems of economic, social and political development were
the elemental substance of the institutionalization of sociology
in Latin America and accounted field of theoretical reflection for
a good part of sociologists. Precisely the main objective of this
article is to review, from intellectual history, how the sociology
of Latin American development has generated since the 60´s
important discussions and debates about the permanent tension
between democracy and economic growth. Thus, large lines
of analysis, explanation and understanding of the ideas and
responses by various authors and schools of social thought to
this dilemma and other problems and challenges faced by the
region throughout the twentieth century and at the beginning of
this century are examined. In any case it is evident throughout
the pages that follow that the key feature of the sociology of
development in Latin America has been to be a discipline closely
conditioned by the political situation, the historical contexts and
the changing social conditions.