The Sociology of Communication and Mass Communication Research: tradition and current

  • Maximiliano Fernández
Keywords: Sociology; communication; sociology of communication; media; society; MCR


The Sociology of Communication, after a long century, has
crossed the doorstep of XXI with theoretical and methodological
strength and empirical researches. Although the debates about
methods maintain, a lot of researchers continue working about the
determinants and the objectives from communicators, messages,
technologies influences, audiences, social effects and especially
about the social networks. This enrichs the career initiated by the
American Mass Communication Research and by the European
Sociology of Communication. The theoretical and methodological
contributions from the discipline to Sociology are result of this
assignment research and the numerous researches published in
journals of Sociology and Communication. In the next pages, we
try to base and to demonstrate these announced results of the
research by a critical approach to the means theories, the analysis
of the social and media reality and the constant reflection about
the new events.