Transformation of the family and conformation of the Sociology of the Family in France

  • Didier Le Gall
Keywords: Social change 20th century; Family; Sociology of the Family; France


This article has for objective to show how emerged and formed
itself the field of the sociology of the family in France from the
seventies. Having redrawn the evolution of the family of the
sixties in today, the author underlines that public authorities
adapted themselves to this change, which was mainly wished
by the population, and that most of the analyses agree on the
fact that the contemporary family with France is the result of
an increasing movement of individuation, even if the advanced
theses follow different paths. To close, he returns on the
significant facts which, in parallel, contributed to the emergence
and to the structuring of this field specialized the sociology which
benefits now of a recognition and a legitimacy which are not
questionable any more.