Abuse Gender: Analysis of the film “Take my eyes”

  • Leslia Jaimes Hernández
Keywords: Gender violence, violence cycle stages, causes of abuse against the couple, social normalization of violence, types of abuse.


This essay includes reflections on gender violence prompted by
the movie "Take My Eyes". Film representing the social reality
on this issue in Spain. The analysis was part of the Hermeneutic
Tradition within the field of qualitative research; and he leaned
on the hermeneutic-dialectic method, as proposed by Martínez.
The Interactive Maxwell Model was used. Social, psychological,
legal and educational aspects that represent abuse are addressed.
A brief review of various aspects of the abuse is made: what is
meant by violence, phases of the cycle of violence, violence
perspective from women and from men, causes of violence,
types of abuse, social standards, and support for the couple. As
prevention it is suggested that schools openly discuss violence in
general, as well as, to question our own sexual role in education;
from our household, school, media, and orientation programs for
the family.