Hermeneutics of the absent, the newness and an adverse world.

  • Norma Rodríguez Vázquez
Keywords: Hermeneutics; absent; invisible; newness; adversity.


The words turn into fragments that compose a phenomenon in
its totality; in the originality that characterizes them each word
has been sometimes responsible for certain actions that are
detrimental to human dignity. Nowadays world presents different
social phenomena that attract attention by its impact in the fellow’s
lifestyle. Some acquire as principal feature adversity turned into
quotidian. Starting off the assumption that the social groups are
reflection of our own educational schemes, we ask ourselves, can
we influence from education to propitiate a transformation to
better relationship systems? Our approach holds as its principal
axis, the analysis of the hermeneutics of the absent -towards
the phenomenon, newness and adversity- when the last one
is propitiated by the first, as the possibilities of transform the
reality, starting from the comprehension that emanates of the
interpretation of the main categories of the hermeneutics of the
absent: language, silence, gesture and trace, taking to the scope
of the visible, what in a phenomenon determined as the binomial
composed of its newness and adversity has been invisibilized by
interests. We consider the importance of rescue what in the past
meant a benefit for the humans and has been forgotten. Some
examples of hermeneutics of the absent enforcements have been
proposed to make visible and from there walk to the possibility
of transform the culture, thinking that every single fragment
acquires the importance that allows us to find in it the world’s