Global sport / Sport in the globalization. Continuity and discontinuity of the capitalist professional sport: realities and perspectives.

  • Wullian Mendoza Gil
Keywords: Sport; capitalism; globalization and inclusion.


Professional sports in the context of globalization is a enterprise
whose role in today's society is the reproduction of economic
ideological, political and prevailing social system, the capitalism,
that has marked its genesis, dynamic and current status
development. If the globalization of sport is to be understood
beyond a simple brief description, it should be done within the
framework of institutional changes which have been the product
of globalization and homogenization of the social system that
aims, for historical continuity and discontinuity, to be considered
hegemonically as the only valid. This essay explores this reality
weighing it with a complementary alternative view from the
sociological discourse which asks to expand forms taking
advantage of this social practice where equal opportunity and
inclusion in its evolution is not mere utopia.